Improve Your Eating HabitsI still remember those days when I used to eat whole wheat and drink soymilk and thinking I am losing weight. It just not me, there are many people who don’t have right information when it comes to weight loss.

So after so many years of researching I finally discover how body works, what are perfect foods for weight loss? And how body reacts to foods we eat on regular basis. This post will not provide you dieting plan instead this post will provide you information that help you in correcting your eating habits.

This post is going to help those people who desperately tried to lose weight in past either with deprivation or by purchasing new fad low-calories, sugar, carbs and soy but still unable to obtain body that they wanted to have.

I love my body because every time I look myself in the mirror I feel proud… to not get caught by marketing tactics that are commonly used by food manufacturing companies to sell their products to more and more audience.

Ok, let take a look on how you can improve your eating habits

Why Do I Eat Only Certain Carbohydrates?

Although carbohydrates contain more calories than proteins and fats but, still carbs can provide you nutritional benefits that proteins and fats can’t. So, for this reason I prefer only certain kind of carbs such as brown bread and brown rice.

The problem is most grain products that are easily available on the market such as pasta, breads, rice and oats create inflammation because these are unnatural food for the body. It is difficult for body to burn them and as a result they cause inflammation.

Why Protein Is Important In Almost Every Meal?

proteinsProtein is the most important macronutrient for the body. This is because proteins helps in building muscles mass and keep sugar level low. There are many functions that protein performs inside the body but keeping sugar level low is the most important one.

Eggs (natural and organic only), meat (grass-finished only), fish (wild caught only) are some of the quality sources of proteins. Natural yogurt which is also great source of proteins contains minerals and nutrients that protect body from inflammation.

However, Adam Steer (the creator of Bodyweight Burn) recommends Whey Proteins to fill body with proteins. However, when purchasing Whey Proteins you have to look for products that contain less sugar and other chemicals.

Why Fats Are Important In Your Every Meal?

Previously fats are considered the main culprit for weight gain until research proved NOT every fats are unhealthy. Most food companies use Trans fats in their product that is dangerous for health and sell their products by labeling them as ‘healthy fat’ however, if you include unsaturated fats like Avocado, Olive Oil and raw nuts that you will get benefits such as soft skin, healthy body and shiny hairs.

It is necessary to avoid purchasing vegetables oil such as corn oil and canola oil because they are highly processed and contain various fat gaining chemicals. Healthy cooking oil such as Olive Oil contains Omega 3 and Omega 6 that is necessary for human body.

Why It Is Necessary To Take Fish Oil Supplement?

According to research, around 60% Americans are suffering from Omega 3 deficiency. Omega-3 is polyunsaturated essential fatty acids that improve the efficiency of body organs. They protect body from any kind of inflammation that is common in people with Omega-3 deficiency.

Since fish is the richest source of Omega-3 but due to high amount of mercury in them it is not recommended by doctor to eat them more than two times in a week. However, you can fill Omega-3 in your body by taking Fish Oil Supplement.

Why No Processed Sugar or Artificial Sweeteners In Your Meal?

No processed foodsProcessed sugar is one of the worst foods for human body. This is because sugars increases fat layer on cells in human body and make them difficult to survive which leads to health problems such as high sugar level and diabetes. After reading few researches on processed sugar I start avoiding them at all cost. There are many natural alternatives for processed sugar that can make meals delicious. So why include processed sugar when it can create problems in your body?

You should avoid foods products that containing fructose corn syrup or refined sugars. You may find one of these ingredients in healthy foods as well such as brown bread or yogurt that is why you should read nutrition column before adding food product in your shopping carts. Additionally, you can replace sugar from your home with honey, or natural maple syrup as well.

Additionally, artificial sweeteners such as Splenda and Aspartame are also harmful for your body because they contain numerous chemicals that can create hormone imbalance. Although artificial sweeteners don’t contain any calories but recent study proved that body gains fat with the increase in consumption of artificial sweeteners.

Why Organic and Fresh Instead of Canned Foods?

Food manufacturing companies are using various chemicals in canned food to increase the life of their products. Although the chemicals that they are using increase the life of their products but secretly these chemicals in your body increasing risk of various diseases like cancer and heart disorders.

You may find organic and fresh foods little expensive than canned and processed foods but in the long term you are saving hundreds of dollars (if not thousands) by not paying hospital bills.

Why You Should Include Herbs And Spices In Every Meal?

Some herbs and spices contain more minerals, vitamins and nutrients than some vegetables and herbs. Additionally, herbs and spices are the great way to improve metabolism and help in burning stubborn fat.

Herbs and spices can add flavor in many meal and they are powerful enough to make any boring recipes into exciting and delicious. So you have to use spices and herbs whenever possible in your meal.

Why You Should Eat After Every 2-3 Hours?

This is the most important factor because your body needs food after every two to three hours to keep organs working properly. If you don’t eat for 4-5 hours your body will slow down metabolism. This is reason why skipping breakfast is the biggest mistake some people make. When you first wake up in the morning your body needs fuel to kick-start metabolism and when you eat, you are actually providing fuel to your body to kick-start metabolism.

Here is the video that will help you in improving your eating habits